Active Angel Investors ("AAI") is a membership network of accredited investors who desire to invest in seed-stage opportunities in the Mid-Atlantic region. Members apply for annual membership and then subscribe through a dues payment upon acceptance. This group is a classic "pledge fund," where pre-institutional, early-stage private company investments are shown to monthly meetings of the entire membership and then members choose to "opt in" to investments on a deal-by-deal basis. AAI focuses on the most complex part of the private equity food chain, the seed-stage venture investments. Due to the complexity in early-stage companies, many traditional venture firms do not play in this space. This has created a "funding gap" where angels can find and participate in well founded early-stage companies. AAI is managed by New Vantage Group, a leading organizer of angel groups and clubs (see All deals must be of high quality, have substantial upside potential, and be interested in receiving the mentor capital approach that AAI brings to its portfolio companies. Members get to attend mid-month selection meetings where prospective presenting companies give a preview of their opportunity. Members can participate as little or as much as they want during each month of operations.

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Members join a unique group of active angels, get exclusive membership directories, web site access, list of presenting companies, attendance at selection sessions and monthly AAI meetings. Meetings include talks by timely and insightful speakers and at least two company presentations. Many members find the that membership is worthwhile since networking and intra-member dialog is as beneficial as the investment opportunities themselves.


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