Having an Active Angel Group such as Active Angel Investors ("AAI") invest in your company can be extremely valuable. More than just a one-time cash infusion, members offer contacts and insights gained from their experience as successful investors and entrepreneurs.

Active Angel Investor members are accomplished professionals in the business community and offer a wealth of experience, networks and relationships that can contribute significantly to a company's success. Those relationships can also lead to later-stage investments in an enterprise.

Unlike companies that only receive institutional venture capital investments and those that only receive investments from individual angel investors, AAI portfolio companies gain access to our entire network of active angel investors.

AAI is designed to invest at leasts $250,000 in early-stage companies alongside other partners in Angel and Series A rounds of financing. AAI will typically co-invest with other partners (Angles or Venture Funds) in companies raising between $500,000 and $5M. Our investment focus is with companies located in the Mid-Atlantic Region.

The AAI Process

If you are interested in submitting a business plan, make sure your organization meets the following criteria:

1. Your organization is located in the Mid-Atlantic Region (Maryland, Washington DC and/or Northern Virginia)
2. You posse an experienced management team
3. Your target market exceeds $200M
4. Your product/service has a unique advantage (patent, proprietary technology, etc.)
5. You are seeking the assistance of sophisticated, experienced angels.

Step 1 - Pre Screening

If you fit the criteria outlined above, submit your business plan to Brewster Crosby via email sam@newvantagegroup.com.

Please put 'Active Angel Investor - Business Plan' in the subject line.

New Vantage Group ("NVG") will pre-screen your business plan within 14 days of an email receipt. After the pre-screening you will be notified if your plan has been selected for a meeting with New Vantage Group management and a select number of AAI members.

Step 2 - Meet AAI

If your plan fulfills our requirements and is selected for further review, we will invite you to meet at our offices for a 30 minute session. These screening sessions are attended by New Vantage Group management and a select group of Active Angel Investors who have specific interest or background in a business presenting that day. The meeting usually has 5-10 investors present.

You should be prepared to give a 20 minute presentation with an additional 10 minutes of questions and answers. Your presentation should cover: product, market, competition, management, financials, and details of the financing sought.

Step 3 - Present at the Monthly AAI Member Meeting

If management and the Active Angels in attendance during the on site meeting show interest in your opportunity, you will be selected to present at the AAI group monthly meetings. These meetings take place the first wednsday every month during breakfast. The meetings are designed for the angels and entrepreneurs to meet, network and discuss your opportunity. After a brief networking period and introductions, you will present to the group. The presentation will be similar to the previous meeting outlined above.

Step 4 - Due Diligence

Assuming the AAI group has at least $250,000 in interest, we will begin diligence in your company. The diligence will be managed by New Vantage Group. The diligence period usually takes from 6-12 weeks. The diligence process includes a site visit, customer calls, reference checks, financial analysis, and market analysis among other areas of interest.

Step 5 - Investment

The investment process will be managed by New Vantage Group. All closing documents will be reviewed by NVG management.

Step 6 - A Portfolio Company

Once the investment is complete, you can look forward to utilizing the network of Active Angel Investors. The network will be available for assistance in almost any need a growing business has. All our members invest in AAI because they want to see companies succeed. We believe that our process insures success.

Good luck! And we look forward to meeting you!


Other Sources of Funding

There are many other resources for Angel funding in the Mid-Atlantic region. Most of the angel groups are more early-stage to growth stage funds. A brief list is noted below.

Early Stage Funds

These funds typically invest with institutional lead investors, however they may invest in earlier stage companies. Target raise is between $1M - 5M.



Growth Stage Funds

These funds invest in companies with institutional lead investors, post-beta products, revenues and seasoned management. Target raise is between $2M-10M.




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